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Loosen the oil tank cover bolts in the sequence shown. You can't post conmments that contain an email address. This Website is intended for U. Check that there are no incorrect wiring connections.

Learn how to make one from a lifejacket. Make sure that the tensioner rod has been fully set clockwise. Lubricate the cylinder head bolts with engine oil. Handlebar Reverse the disassembly steps for assembly. Level the piston ring in the cylinder with the piston crown.

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Yamaha WaveRunner WR Manual

Connect the fuel hose and clamp. Install the handlebar cover. The following procedure applies to all of the connecting rods.

Insufficient compression pressure will result in a loss of performance. Align the projection a on the oil pump shaft with the slit b on the oil pump driven gear shaft. Tighten the oil tank nuts and bolts in the sequence shown.

To crank the engine, connect the engine shut- off cord lanyard to the engine shut-off switch, and then press the start switch and engine stop switch simultaneously. Apply a thin, even layer of lapping com- pound onto the valve seat, and then lap the valve using a valve lapper commer- cially obtainable. The following procedure applies to both of the cleat assembly.

Watch this video for instructions on how to start having fun with your new WaveRunner. Servicing your own WaveRunner? Before stepping on your WaveRunner, make sure you read the owner's manual for information on operation and safety. For installation, reverse the removal proce- dure. Yamalube News Genuine Parts.

Be sure to insert the rubber hose to the line a on the water lock. Thoroughly clean all the gasket surfaces and crankcase mating surfaces.

Check that the battery is charged and that its specified gravity is within specification. Loosen the oil cooler cover bolts in the sequence shown. Install the ribbon sub assemblies and air filter case cover.

Yamaha waverunner

Good luck and have a nice day. Be careful not to pinch the communication cable between the hood and the deck or to damage it. Identify the position of each crankshaft journal bearing so that it can be reinstalled in its origi- nal place. Good luck and have a wonderful day. We also offer a wide range of advanced courses that will help you gain the knowledge to make you confident in any boating situation you encounter.

Fx high output Fx cruiser high output. Thoroughly wash the crankcase halves in a mild solvent.

Holder Paddle wheel set Not reusable Speed sensor Reverse the disassembly steps for assembly. To connect the fuel pressure gauge adapter, follow the procedures for connecting a fuel hose. Loosen the intake and exhaust camshaft cap bolts in the sequence shown. Safety While Working Protect your hands and feet by wearing protec- tive gloves or safety shoes when necessary. Always hold the cables by the outer cover below the crimp.

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Tighten the nuts in the sequence shown. Shim Install the shims in their original locations.

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With the throttle wide open, crank the engine until the reading on the compres- sion gauge stabilizes. Specifications Symbols F to I in an exploded diagram indi- cate the grade of lubricant and the lubrication point. Before installation, rinse off any fluid from the battery box and battery and make sure that the battery is dry before installing it. Be sure to install the projections a on the exhaust pipe and exhaust joint into the slots b in the joint. Calculate the valve stem-to-valve guide clearance as follows.

There is no way to be sure without doing the download. Install the reduction driver gear bearing using a press. Insert the tube of an oil changer into the oil filler hole. This could deform or loosen the cable end due to extreme angles and or pressure. Apply engine oil to the contact surfaces of moving parts during assembly.