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Feedback form Contact information About us Testimonials. Gets the article thread information containing information about the thread, such as its title, author, and creation date. Understand that English isn't everyone's first language so be lenient of bad spelling and grammar. Specifications for the TrueType font file format are available in.

Gets document's pages, a read-only collection. This enum represents possible start points to move cursor. Gets the indexes of the specified page.

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Indicates the state of the font. GetLocationRectangle System. The date and time the document was most recently modified, in human-readable form. Performs application-defined tasks associated with freeing, releasing, or resetting unmanaged resources.

If license is not set, search will work for first three pages only. Saves the search index data into the specified stream.

Let's work to help developers, not make them feel stupid. The rendering mode used by page renderer. Indicates that problem has happened during the loading of the document. See base class desctiption for usage details.

Namespaces Page Discussion. Gets or sets the Y dpi, should be greater than zero. You can always opt out of our communications.

Gets or sets a value indicating whether images should be drawn. Gets the actual name of the font to be used for rendering.

Gets the document navigator. This setting defines which colors will be considered white by comparing their brightness with the value specified. Initializes a new instance of the TiffRenderingSettings class. Produce stunning documents using our unique, styles-driven flow layout engine. Gets the state of the license.

The index of the current page. Occurs when navigation was completed. So all colors with brightness greater than defined value will be white and others black. Gets the index of the page.

If the required horizontal and vertical magnification factors are different, use the smaller of the two, centering the page within the window in the other dimension. Gets the subtree of bookmarks. Contains possible diagnostic codes that might be set when you apply a license.

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Holds an optional metadata for the document. Moves cursor to the specified index. If for example, you render the page double-sized and want to map a region from original page to this new image, you would need to pass the same settings in order to get correct results.

It gives you the height of the page's visible area, as it would be displayed into Acrobat Reader. We make predictions about the overall cost of rasterizing micropolygons in a future real-time system. This class represents an article thread.

Contact our support and get you problem resolved. Chances are they have and don't get it. An editable collection of user-defined folders where the pdf kit engine tries to find font files in addition to system folders.

The date and time the document was created, in human-readable form. Sets the position within the current navigator. Keywords associated with the document.

If license is not set, save will work for first three pages only. The name of the person who created the document. This class represents an event args for the progressive search. This enum represents a page's dispaly options.

GetDestinationRectangle System. Provide an answer or move on to the next question. Gets the rectangle specifying the location of this bead on the page. This class represents a search result item. Save to many supported image formats, work with raw color data.

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Tweets and blog posts t Just released Apitron. All Apitron's software components employ the same licensing scheme described in details in a separate article. Does it use Apitron software? Hole-free rasterizer with correct rasterization rules. Left, business manager job description pdf float desiredHeight - rectangle.

To accomplish that, I need to convert at least the first page of the file into an image format. Represents a collection of document pages. Gets or sets the scale mode used. Gets or sets a value indicating whether need to cancel progressive search. Gets the bottom position in points.

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Gets or sets the rendering mode. These mappings are being evaluated in the order of addition when the engine needs to resolve the font.

It would be a very good solution if you provided all essential detail. Gets or sets a value indicating whether document should be processed as it'd be printed. Prefer speed over features. Raw color data export is also available, and it's possible to render pages directly to the byte array or integer array for further processing. Like us while we load stuff for you!

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