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You can read more about that below. This will open the Logfile Dialog in which the logfile can be enabled or disabled.

All those years Mobitex didn't change a bit. Fonts I've received several emails in which people tell me that they are not able to change the font. By default, both windows are selected. If not detected, the option will be disabled. Charging the Battery Pack.

These are very short messages, which also were displayed in a wrong way. If the priorities are the same, the length of the new file will be used to decide whether the playing file will be stopped.

At first it might look a bit too colorful, but I got used to it myself after using it for a few days. This version contains only Mobitex changes. Before charging, you must first install the Battery Pack according to the steps below. When receiving such a message on a pager, you normally wouldn't notice this, because in most cases the second part will be received before you are able to read the message. Find the frequencies you want using the enclosed SportCat Frequency Guide.

In the previous version that new log file would start with an empty line. Press to store a displayed frequency into any displayed channel.

Regarding this option, I received a request to only check the message text. Peter, thank you for all your efforts! These are channels that are busy a major portion of the time, and the scanner stops at the channel s often enough to interrupt the scan cycle. In other cases, the needle stops and in those cases it would be possible to reactivate decoding by selecting the soundcard, then reselecting the serial port.

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You can Lock Out those channels so they are not scanned. More or less a bugfix, but again a bad or missing interpretation. Other resolutions caused the filter line to be cut off before the end of the line. Carefully plug in the new Battery Pack, observing the proper polarity.


Before, at the second click the text below the mouse cursor would be selected, regardless of the position of the first click. You can find the Github project repository here.

Recently I noticed that not all characters were being displayed. Unique Data Skip Allows the scanner to skip over unwanted data transmissions and reduces birdies. The number of characters which could be sent through the command line had a certain limitation, but should now be encreased. When scrolling, you can see in just a glimpse which user s the filters belong to and also if a filter label might have the wrong color. Only the network and the pager s both know for sure the correct message type.

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People who already monitor will certainly know the periodic, long and unreadable messages which always seem to contain about the same data. Before, the commandfile was only enabled for filtered messages.

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The most difficult messages are those which are shorter than the maximum number of numeric characters, they can be numeric or alphanumeric. Multiple email addresses Now, multiple email addresses can be used. Find Filter window I've made several changes in the Find Filter window.

Sweep Frames can now be showed apart from status messages. Logically, those messages would also be counted twice in the statistics although actually one message was received. When the Weather Search finds an active channel in your area, the scanner stops at that frequency. When the scanner stops at one of these frequencies during Search, press.

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The commandfile can now also be used for monitor-only messages too. Please refer to the Forum on this site. If some filters are monitor-only, and others aren't, this box will be grayed meaning that it will be ignored when changing the selected filters. You can still check this box so selected filters will become monitor-only. One sound for alle messages which are being filtered as monitor-only.

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Programming By Manual Entry. The address and phone number are listed in the Warranty at the end of this manual. This automatic detection will now allways be used, iibf books pdf you can't select a manual setting anymore.


Filtered messages only in filterwindow Normally, all messages would be displayed in the monitor window, and the filtered messages also in the filtered pane. When using lots of wavfiles, it can sometimes be usefull only to hear files played by filtered messages. If not found, no sound will be played. However, this change will lead to less duplicated messages in the filter window. In this case, it could be useful if a single filter with wildcard can be used, and the last digits being placed in the label.

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Scanner radio with trunk tracker iv and automatic scanning capabilities pages. Unfortunately, I don't know the exact meaning of all parameters, but what gets to be shown in the new version comes a lot closer to reality. Filter window Some extra keys can be used in the Filter window. This caused not all filters to line up as they should. Multiple Edit In the filter window, you can now perform a multiple edit.