Code Of Civil Procedure 1908 Pakistan Pdf

Civil Procedure Codes

Civil Procedure Codes

Every transferee of a decree shall hold the same subject to the equities if any which the judgment-debtor might have enforced against the original decree-holder. And its order in executing such decree shall be subject to the same rules in respect of appeal as if the decree had been passed by itself.

Pakistan Code of Civil Procedure 1908

Matters for which rules may provide. Powers of Appellate Court. Power to prescribe rules for transferring to Collector execution of certain decrees.

Continuance of orders under repealed enactments. Prohibition of arrest or detention of women in execution of decree for money.

Procedure when only plaintiff appears. Procedure where person to be arrested or property to be attached is outside district. The pendency of a suit in a foreign Court does not preclude the Courts in Pakistan from trying a suit founded on the same cause of action. In lieu of issuing a commission the Court may issue a letter of request to examine a witness residing at any place not within Pakistan.

Fixing day for appearance of defendant. Certified copy of decree to be sent to Court whose decree appealed from. Unauthorised persons not to address Court.

Stay of proceedings on removal, etc. It shall not be necessary that every defendant shall be interested as to all the relief claimed in any suit against him. General power of transfer and withdrawal A. Proceedings by or against representatives. Rules to be subject to approval.

Production of document on which plaintiff sues. Interest on deposit not allowed to plaintiff after notice.

Exemption of members of legislative bodies from arrest and detention under civil process. Exemption from arrest under civil process A.

Orders and notices to be in writing. Court may give judgment for or against one or more of joint parties. Objection as to misjoinder.

Pakistan Code of Civil Procedure

Pakistan Code of Civil Procedure

Partial exemption of agricultural produce. All persons disobeying or obstructing the execution of the decree shall be punishable by such Court in the same manner as if it had passed the decree.

No cause of action shall, unless with the leave of the Court, be joined with a suit for the recovery of immovable property, except. Effect of rules in First Schedule.

The Constitution of Pakistan Developed by Zain Sheikh

Liability of ancestral property. When Collector may be appointed receiver. Power of Court to inspect. No party to be ordered to appear in person unless resident within certain limits. Power of certain High Courts to make rules.

When security for costs may be required from plaintiff, Residence out of Pakistan, etc. Claims by or against executor, administrator or heirs. Representation of beneficiaries concerning property vested in trustees, etc. Such entries shall be numbered in every year according to the order in which the plaints are admitted.

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Civil Procedure Codes 1908

Application of the Code to Revenue Courts. Application of Code to High Courts. The provisions of this Code relating to the execution of decrees shall, so far as they are applicable, persuaded jenni james pdf be deemed to apply to the execution of orders. An Act to consolidate and amend the laws relating to the Procedure of the Courts of the Civil Judicature.

Seizure of property in dwelling house. Provided that such notice as the Court in each case thinks sufficient has been given to the surety. Provided that where any suit is pending in which the rights of all parties can properly be decided, no such suit of interpleader shall be instituted. Power to order discovery and the like.

Civil Procedure Codes 1908