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Ports do not need to wait for the topology to stabilize before transitioning to a forwarding state. Model Name Displays the full model name of the corresponding Switch. This name will identify it in the Switch network.

Des-3028 pdf

D-link DES-3028 User Manual

The Java Runtime Environment on your server should initiate and lead you to the topology window, as seen below. Allow enough ventilation space between the Switch and any other objects in the vicinity. Disabled disables ingress filtering.


Binding these two address types together allows the transmission of data between the layers. These events can be used to control the authorization state of the Port and initiate the process of authenticating the attached device if the Port is unauthorized.

Alternatively, you can enter config ipif System ipaddress xxx. The user may also use the real-time graphic of the Switch at the top of the web page by simply clicking on a port. Click Apply to implement the settings made.

This manual is intended for network managers familiar with network management concepts and terminology. Use the window below to name the time range and then specify when the Access Profile that will be configured below will be active. Many commands require administrator-level access privileges. Click Apply to implement changes made. All other options enter the factory defaults into the current configuration, but do not save this configuration.

If no entry exists only the Add button will be displayed however when an entry already exists a corresponding Modify button will also be displayed. To Use the pull-down menus to select the port or range of ports to be configured. To select a port to view these statistics for, use the Port pull-down menu.

Setup Forwarding ports window This window allows the user to determine which port on a given switch will be allowed to forward packets to other ports on that switch. The number is used to set the relative priority for the profile. Throughout this document, the caution icon is used to indicate cautions and precautions that you need to review and follow. DoS Attack Prevention window The following parameters may be set.

Installing systems in a rack without the front and side stabilizers installed could cause the rack to tip over, potentially resulting in bodily injury under certain circumstances. Would you recommend your D-Link product to a friend? Setting the mouse cursor over a specific device in the topology window tool tip will display the same information about a specific device as the Tree view does.

Des-3028 pdf

State Describes the current running state of the port, whether Enabled or Disabled. This equipment generates, uses, and can radiate radio frequency energy and, if not installed and used in accordance with this manual, may cause harmful interference to radio communications. The Reauthenticate Port Table displays the current status of the reauthenticated port s once Apply has been clicked. These entries are then used to forward packets through the Switch. When there is reception or transmission i.

An entry appears in this table for each port that supports the Authenticator function. If it does not, the packet is dropped.

The folder icons can be opened to display the hyper- linked window buttons and subfolders contained within them. Port Utilization window The user may use the real-time graphic of the Switch at the top of the web page to view utilization statistics per port by clicking on a port. For security reasons, the Password Recovery feature requires the user to physically access the device. Password Recovery Procedure This document will explain how the Password Recovery feature can help network administrators reach this goal.

Des-3028 pdf

AdmDir Sets the administrative-controlled direction to either In or Both. When CoS tagged packets arrive on the switch, they are mapped to the settings configured here.

Parameter Description Subject Enter the subject of the test e-mail. The window shown below is the Access Profile Configuration window for Ethernet. Please follow these guidelines for setting up the Switch. Use the pull-down menu to enable or disable this ciphersuite. Click Apply to allow changes to take effect.

What category best describes your company? Attach these cushioning feet on the bottom at each corner of the device. Read the next section for more information on setting up user accounts. Mode Select Permit to specify that the Switch, according to any additional rule, the dukan diet recipe book pdf forward the packets that match the access profile added see below.

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Page D-Link will then provide you with a Limited Lifetime Warranty reference number for this product. It utilizes offsets to match individual fields in the Ethernet Frame. Page Technical Support You can find software updates and user documentation on the D-Link website. Recover Time Time allowed in seconds for recovery when a Loopback is detected. An energy hazard will exist if the safety ground cable is omitted or disconnected.

Enable Method List Settings window To delete an Enable Method List defined by the user, click the under the Delete heading corresponding to the entry desired to be deleted. To view the Topology Map, click the View menu in the toolbar and then Topology, which will produce the following window. Mld Snooping Switch, it will no longer forward multicast traffic from a specific multicast group address to this listening port.

D-Link DES-3028 User Manual

This section tells how to log onto the Switch. State Use the pull-down menu to enable or disable ports for PoE. Done Timer sec Specifies the maximum amount of time a router can remain in the Switch after receiving a done message from the group without receiving a node listener report. When a user logs in to the Switch or tries to access the administrator level privilege, he or she is prompted for a password.

Des-3028 pdf

Download Certificate and Ciphersuite window To download certificates, set the following parameters and click Apply. Time Range Click the check box and enter the name of the Time Range settings that have been previously configured in the Time Range window. To implement changes made, click Apply.

Page Supporto tecnico Gli ultimi aggiornamenti e la documentazione sono disponibili sul sito D-Link. To view all entries click View All, and to delete an entry, click Clear. Collapse - To collapse the group that will be represented by a single icon. Packets The Web Manager allows various packet statistics to be viewed as either a line graph or a table.

Priority Enter the new priority in the Priority field. Tech Support for customers within the U. Firmware Information This window is used to view boot up firmware images. ServerTimeout This value determines timeout conditions in the exchanges between the Authenticator and the authentication server. To view particular port settings, enter the port number and click Find.