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Indoor substations are usually found in urban areas to reduce the noise from the transformers, for reasons of appearance, or to protect switchgear from extreme climate or pollution conditions. The arrangement of switches, circuit breakers, and buses used affects the cost and reliability of the substation. Dangerous contact currents induced by electrical field in kV substations. Substations themselves do not usually have generators, although a power plant may have a substation nearby.

Very useful for electrical engineers! The protection should be done to prevent any disruption of supply and damage to the electrical equipment. The site must be secure from intrusion by passers-by, both to protect people from injury by electric shock or arcs, wie wandle ich dateien in pdf um and to protect the electrical system from misoperation due to vandalism.

Power substation guides, research papers and studies. Early electrical substations required manual switching or adjustment of equipment, and manual collection of data for load, energy consumption, and abnormal events.

These stations contain power electronic devices to change the frequency of current, or else convert from alternating to direct current or the reverse. Earth faults at a substation can cause a ground potential rise. The function of the switching station is to isolate the faulty portion of the system in the shortest possible time.

Substations may be on the surface in fenced enclosures, underground, or located in special-purpose buildings. The downtown areas of large cities feature complicated distribution substations, with high-voltage switching, and switching and backup systems on the low-voltage side.

Where a substation has a metallic fence, it must be properly grounded to protect people from this hazard. The chapter thirteen covers Lightning and Earthing protections, which prevent any damage to substation equipment and loss of power to public. Early efforts to remote control substations used dedicated communication wires, often run alongside power circuits. Switching events may be planned or unplanned.

High-rise buildings may have several indoor substations. Examples for such substations are Brauweiler in Germany and Hradec in the Czech Republic, where power is collected from nearby lignite -fired power plants.

The collector substation can also provide power factor correction if it is needed, metering, and control of the wind farm. Selection of the location of a substation must consider many factors. Substations transform voltage from high to low, or the reverse, or perform any of several other important functions. Substations located in coastal areas affected by flooding and tropical storms may often require an elevated structure to keep equipment sensitive to surges hardened against these elements. Fault monitoring and sequence-of-event recording devices are used in most power electronics stations.

To maintain reliability of supply, companies aim at keeping the system up and running while performing maintenance. Categories Electric power distribution Electricity economics Power station technology Portals Energy Renewable energy Sustainable development. Outdoor, above-ground substation structures include wood pole, lattice metal tower, and tubular metal structures, although other variants are available. The air space required increases with system voltage and with the lightning surge voltage rating.

Substations may be owned and operated by an electrical utility, or may be owned by a large industrial or commercial customer. Facebook Linkedin Linkedin Twitter. The substation different configurations are characterised by their busbar arrangements and generally any number of circuits can be provided by repeating the pattern. Substations feeding only a single industrial load may have minimal switching provisions, especially for small installations.

Plzzz reply fast its urgent! Distributed automatic control at substations is one element of the so-called smart grid. Urban and suburban indoor substations may be finished on the outside so as to blend in with other buildings in the area. In such cases, substation contains high-voltage switches that allow lines to be connected or isolated for fault clearance or maintenance.

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Along with this, a substation always has control circuitry needed to command the various circuit breakers to open in case of the failure of some component. Typically, these stations are remotely controlled and offer full local controllability as well. The magnitude of the current transformer outputs may be used to trip the circuit breaker resulting in a disconnection of the load supplied by the circuit break from the feeding point. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Electrical substation. Augustine, Trinidad And Tobago.

The development of the microprocessor made for an exponential increase in the number of points that could be economically controlled and monitored. Blackout Rolling blackout Brownout Black start Cascading failure.

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The input for a distribution substation is typically at least two transmission or sub-transmission lines. This gas has a higher insulating value than air, allowing the dimensions of the apparatus to be reduced. Substations may be described by their voltage class, their applications within the power system, the method used to insulate most connections, and by the style and materials of the structures used.

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