Engineering Design Methods Strategies For Product Design Pdf

From this proposal and established theory e. In particular, sub-solutions can be found to be inter-connected with each other in ways that form a pernicious, circular structure to the problem, e. The end product is usually a set of general arrangement drawings.

It shows the objectives and the general means for achieving them which are under consideration. The timing objective is that the product be ready for sale to the Christmas trade in the nearest feasible season. The problem is set at the intermediate level of generality, i. They can all usually be classified as flows of either materials, energy or information, and these same classifications can be used to check if any input or output type has been omitted.

Well-defined problems have a clear goal, often one correct answer, and rules or known ways of proceeding that will generate an answer. There was also a wish simply to reduce complaints from citizens about the existing traffic system. Physiological needs Clean teeth better than a handbrush, massage gums, reduce decay, hygienic family sharing, electrical and mechanical safety, etc.

The first thing you ask may be what kinds of guide that you should read. They kept slipping into the tray. Although it is important not to follow any method in a slavish and unimaginative fashion, it is also important that an effort is made to follow the principles of the method with some rigour. The portability attribute is therefore strongly related to usability of the machine in such environments. The performance of a skilled practitioner appears to flow seamlessly, adapting the performance to the circumstances without faltering.

The output from the first stage, the specification, is regarded as particularly important, and is constantly reviewed, kept up-to-date and used as a reference in all the subsequent stages. He's been brought up this way and he's unhappy if he can't prove something. It can be used to challenge a conventional solution to a problem by proposing its deliberate opposite, and seeking a compromise. In the Guideline it is emphasised that several solution variants should be analysed and evaluated at each stage, and that there is a lot more detail in each stage than is shown in the diagram. In a case such as this, first attempts at expanding the list of objectives would probably produce statements at all levels of generality.

Break down the overall function into a set of essential subfunctions. In many cases, specialists with more expert knowledge are called in to carry out these analyses. For this reason, the most widely-used form of communication is the drawing. Wherever possible, specifications should be in quantified terms, and should identify ranges between limits.

Engineering design methods strategies for product design pdfEngineering design methods strategies for product design pdf

Unlike some other kinds of problem, the person setting the problem does not know what the answer is, but they will recognize it when they see it. It shows in a diagrammatic form the ways in which different objectives are related to each other, and the hierarchical pattern of objectives and sub-objectives. Usually they accomplishing activity like watching television, likely to beach, or picnic inside the park.

It is usually possible to take some steps towards improving the initial definition of the problem, by questioning the client, collecting data, carrying out research, etc. Learning any skill usually relies on controlled practice and the development of techniques. Start by pressing the button below!

Determine the relative importance of the attributes Of course, not all the identified product attributes will be equally important to customers. The valuable aspect to sorting objectives roughly into levels is that it encourages you to think more clearly about the objectives, and about the relationships between means and ends. As you write out your lists in hierarchical levels, you will probably also continue to expand them, as you think of further means to meet subobjectives to meet objectives, etc. It has to provide a description of the artefact that is to be made.

Engineering design methods strategies for product design pdf

So if you have already prepared an objectives tree or a functions analysis, these are likely to be the source of your initial list of performance attributes. Essentially, they are communications with oneself, a kind of thinking aloud. It is for a domestic hot and cold water mixing tap that can be operated with one hand.

The sub-functions comprise all the tasks that have to be performed inside the black box. But an engineer is unhappy doing this. Detailing This is the last phase, in which a very large number of small but essential points remain to be decided. The problem context is often complex and messy, and poorly understood. Many of these prescriptive models have emphasised the need for more analytical work to precede the generation of solution concepts.

Engineering design methods strategies for product design pdf

The examples show that such methods are often adapted to suit the particular requirements of the task in hand. Again market research methods can help to establish these relative preferences, and provide confirmation of whether what customers say they want is actually reflected in what they buy. The system boundary is the conceptual boundary that is used to define the function of the product or device. Some details in the brief have changed for example, the maximum pressure as a result of establishing the national standards that apply to such a product.

Sometimes, of course, the analysis and evaluation show up fundamental flaws in the initial conjecture and it has to be abandoned, a new concept generated and the cycle started again. This is usually because they focus on different interpretations of what should be specified.

Engineering design methods strategies for product design pdf

Also, wherever possible and appropriate, a specification should set a range of limits within which acceptable performance lies. Try to choose simple book to make you enjoy to learn it and mingle the opinion about book and studying especially. The most important rule here is that no criticism is allowed from any other member of the group. In specifying sub-functions it is helpful to ensure that they are all expressed in the same way.

It is perhaps as mysterious as the human ability to speak a new sentence, whether it is completely new, or just a modification of one heard, read or spoken before. The overall black box function should be broad, widening the system boundary. The development of washing machines has involved progressively widening the system boundary, as shown in the figure. The scientists tended to use a strategy of systematically trying to understand the problem, in order to look for underlying rules which would enable them to generate an optimum solution. When you have quite a lot of statements of objectives, it is easier to sort them into ordered sets if each statement is written onto separate slip of small card.

Does it include out-of-doors use? It was also discovered that only certain types of new system would be eligible for a subsidy from central government. From this it emerges that there are two distinct aspects to portability. For example, clarifying objectives using the objectives tree method is appropriate both to understand the problem-solution relationship and to develop from the overall problem into sub-problems.

They actually doing same every week. But when the chair was actually put together it in a way quite well solved the problem, but from a completely different angle, a completely different point of view. This reading habit give you lot of advantages. Various necessary auxiliary functions then became apparent, particularly to do with controlling the heating and brewing processes.

Engineering design methods strategies for product design pdf

Of course, not all engineering characteristics affect all product attributes, and drawing up a matrix will enable the team to identify which characteristics do affect which attributes. It is the phase where engineering science, practical knowledge, production methods and commercial aspects need to be brought together, and where the most important decisions are taken. This means taking care to identify who the customers are, to listen carefully to what they say, the curious savage pdf and to determine the product's engineering characteristics in the light of this.