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Triumph trophy and trophy se motorcycles pages. Replacing worn sprockets without also replacing the chain will lead to premature wear of the new sprockets. Tires Failure to use an inner tube in a spoked wheel will cause deflation of the tire resulting in loss of motorcycle control and an accident. Now I have the manual on my desktop.

Choose the Haynes manual that is right for you with our complete comparison guide. Ignition Key Triumph accessory alarm.

If gasoline fuel is spilled, thoroughly wipe Caution off the spilled fuel immediately and dispose of the cleaning cloth safely. Speedometer General Information Speedometer Warning The speedometer indicates the road speed of the motorcycle. Sight glass minutes for the oil to settle.

Wheres Friar at when you need him? Warning Do not park on a soft or on a steeply inclined surface. These numbers Fuses are arranged in the fuse box located correspond to the numbers given in the table behind the right hand side cover. Tires Electrical Equipment High-speed operation is hard on tires, and good tires are crucial for riding safely. Prevent oil from getting on rubber parts, Clean the entire vehicle thoroughly.

Triumph Bonneville T Workshop Repair Manual pdf

Free standard delivery in United States. Steering Lock Key at safe place away from the motorcycle. If regularly cleaned, the appearance will be preserved for many years. When checking for a blown fuse, Warning use the table below to establish which fuse has blown. Suspension Setting Maintenance and Adjustment Suspension Setting Each graduation line should be set in alignment with the upper surface of the fork All models except the Thruxton have non- cap.

Triumph reserves the right to make changes at any time without prior notice, or obligation. Take your entire manual with you on every journey.


Turn the screw clockwise to move beam left counter-clockwise to move the beam to the right. Brake Pad Wear Compensation It is dangerous to operate the motorcycle under such conditions and remedial action must be taken by your authorized Triumph dealer before riding. It is not suitable for off-road use.

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Minimum Recommended Tread Depth Always consult your authorized Triumph dealer for tire replacement, or for a safety inspection of the wheels, spokes and tires. Submerged electric Fuel Pressure. The battery contains sulphuric acid battery acid.

Clean the battery using a clean, dry cloth. Continuous loss control accident. Provide adequate ventilation when charging or using the battery in an enclosed space.

All electrical equipment can be used. Warning Labels Maintenance To ensure a long, safe and trouble free life for your motorcycle, maintenance should always be carried out by an authorized Triumph dealer.

To ensure a Our relationship with you does not end with long and trouble free life for your motorcycle, the purchase of your Triumph. Adjustment To avoid incorrect adjustment, incorrect routing, or continued use of a sticking or damaged throttle, always have the throttle checked and adjusted by your authorized Triumph dealer. Suggested Suspension Settings Maintenance and Adjustment settings for rear suspension pre-load under Bonneville T, ccnp tshoot portable command guide pdf Bonneville differing load conditions. Show all Bonneville t steve mcqueen edition.

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All electrical circuits off. Ensure that the stand is fully retracted before riding off.

Not to be reproduced wholly or in part without the written permission of Triumph Motorcycles Limited. Make a note of the key number and store the spare key, key blade and key number tag in a safe place away from the motorcycle. Side Stand Seat Care To prevent damage to the seat or seat cover, care must be taken not to drop or lean the seat against any surface which may damage the seat or seat cover.

Printed manual The original and best, delivered to your door. Gasoline fuel is highly flammable and can be explosive under certain conditions. Only Thruxton is fitted with adjustable front suspension. Parking How to Ride the Motorcycle Parking Do not leave the switch in the P position for long periods as this will discharge the battery.

Warning Only operate this Triumph motorcycle at high speed in closed-course on-road competition or on closed-course racetracks. Operation in forests, brush passenger's visibility to other operators of or grass areas may violate state and local road vehicles. Front brake lever - all models loss of control and an accident. Record the vehicle identification number in the space below.

The following information has been that impairs the control of the motorcycle. Headlight Maintenance and Adjustment A blown fuse is indicated when all of the Headlight systems protected by that fuse become inoperative. Ensure that the correct grade and type of oil is used when topping-off. Brakes Maintenance and Adjustment Brakes Caution If the sprockets are found to be worn, always replace the sprockets and drive chain together.

Oxygenated Gasoline These Caution gasolines are a blend of conventional gasoline and another compound such as Because of the generally higher volatility of alcohol. Riding with defective brakes may lead to loss of motorcycle control and an accident. This note symbol indicates points. To select high beam, push the switch forward. Triumph tiger motorcycles owner's handbook pages.

Online manual A feature-loaded digital edition of the original manual. Edition, Thruxton and Scrambler To change the rear suspension spring pre-load setting, insert a suitable tool into the Loading Front Rear hole provided in the adjuster ring. Only an authorized Triumph dealer will have the necessary knowledge, equipment and skills to maintain your Triumph motorcycle correctly. We do it ourselves to help you do-it-yourself, and whatever your mechanical ability, the practical step-by-step explanations, linked to over photos, will help you get the job done right.

Adjust as necessary if incorrect. You and your vehicle keeping hands passenger's helmet should be carefully handlebars at all times. Maintenance schedule Simple weekly checks and servicing guides to keep you on the road. Clutch Triumph dealer and have cable-operated clutch. Triumph dealer will have this knowledge information that follows describes and equipment.

Regular servicing and maintenance of your Triumph Bonneville T can help maintain its resale value, save you money, and make it safer to ride. Found this site which will provide a downloadable pdf copy of the manual. Print manual More details.