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Stew Ashton from Paris, France. All they know is Linux, Unix, or windows stuff. By the way, I am not saying this is a good solution. But is cross mounting a single disk with critical data to other app servers a complex task?

Thanking you in anticipation and best regards, Donat Callens. And I think it is a good place to access files on your file system too. At my project, the System Administrators always give the low performing disks for file storage.

You Asked Hi Tom, if possible could you please explain the advantages and dis-advantages of storing files within an Oracle database. For every situation that I can create to justify moving files into a database, I can create another scenario to justify using the file system. However, free program to pdf files is there a book or article that goes into more depth on the benefits.

If You download files no database call has to be made. For users this is a file list from a shell, command prompt, Windows Explorer, or whatever interface they are using. Which fits can only be answered by taking the entire system into account. For central file storage, when the files themselves will be relativly small but you will have a lot of them, database works well.

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Remember that unstructured data tends to grow much faster than structured data. It is not the file system that gets slower, but rather the interface that bogs down. Customers don't work with businesses, they work with people.

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Everything a user needs to perform their duties is part of this chain. This will be much more reliable and easy to maintain.

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Do you really want your db archives to grow like this? Data is data, the other layers should not know the origin of the data. Performance should be taken int account, but it should be from a user acceptance level, not just the fastest read. In this case, both types of tests would be sort of buffered, right? It's all about how you interact with it.

Dev Gym Classes, workouts and quizzes on Oracle Database technologies. Architecturally it seems strange to me that the view or the controller should deal with database connections. So I don't understand what you want to say. If you work with light pdf like application forms kb that's ok. Version control systems are viable and for many cases preferrable alternative.

And I want to retrieve it to my Windows Forms application again. With big files and clients having a really slow or unreliable internet connection we have clients in Africa and Middle East! Erase my applications and I'm slowed down.

Back up the database any way you like. Communication is critical to people. If it is hosting native file system files, how do you recover?

Would they mount one filesystem on app server to all other app servers? There is no perfect solution for everyone.

That is why I use Windows instead of Linux. Obviously it will do smart things like caching the physical location, security point view whether the current user has access to it etc. Archiving systems, image manipulation, etc, etc, etc.

You'd better store pdf in file storage and save link to it in database. If you change your mind and want to store the files in the database instead of the file system you should only have to change one layer in your code. Do any other vendor products have to interact with these files? In Oracle file is stored as the same chunks but the difference is in the tablespace datafiles. Those hard-to-beat features have made Oracle the hottest database.

Might be some tools available in the web. What did you mean by scalable? Which process do you use to recover? Tunji Olaniyan from Lagos, Nigeria. Ken from Brussels, Belgium.

If you access a file through windows it checks your permission on the same and then make it available to you. The data access layer is often simply the layer that calls the stored procs. Till now I talked about the advantage. Really, for most cases storage of the files in the databases is not very wise solution.

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However, there is a performance hit. If YouTube loses a video or two, who's going to notice? Then I can flag the book in that table or copy the record to another table for production control, etc.

Does everyone need a formula one race car to get to work? If there are some, they are very few. Tom, Databases have their place in the enterprise, but they are not the enterprise as you seem to suggest.