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Comply with the corresponding minimum cable cross-sections. Page Configuration Normalisation Adaptation of a field related parameter to an application datum to be controlled e. There are no fuses in the controller. Non-authorized removal of the required cover, inappropriate use, incorrect installation or operation, creates the risk of severe injury to persons or damage to material assets. Page For data exchange between superimposed control and positioning control, e.

Screw the fixing brackets to the housing of the controller and the mains filter. Legal Regulations The specifications, processes, and circuitry described in these instructions are for guidance only and must be adapted to your own specific application. Enter the direction of rotation. The controller parameters are set in the code level and the parameter level. For the connection, use ground clamps on bare metal mounting surfaces.

Fuses And Cable Cross-sections Note! Fix the screen of the motor cable and thermal contact. The integration time T is set. Page - Electrical controller inhibit Ctrl.

Inverter drives variant dancer-position control with torque control pages. Otherwise, the motor might be destroyed by overtemperature or the inverter might be driven with overcurrent. More information about dimensions, compressing pdfs for email installation and selection of the appropriate mains filter can be obtained from the catalog Global Drive Frequency Inverters. Lenze vector Mounting Instructions pages. Safety and application notes for Lenze controllers.

Screw sreen plate on fixing bracket Fix the screen of the motor cable and thermal contact. All information given in this documentation has been selected carefully and comply with the hardware and software described. Function Ex is independent of C Ctrl. The data are save in the factory setting.

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Remotely inspect equipment before purchasing with. Dispose of printed circuit board assemblies according to the state of the art. Swing cover to the top and detach.

8200 vector frequency inverters

The specifications in these instructions describe the product features without guaranteeing them. We also offer credit for buy-backs and trade-ins. The field frequency is changed via the set acceleration and deceleration times.

Assembly Of x-c-v With X-C-V, the cooler is screwed to the back of the controller cold plate. Set up a star-shape earthing system. The following table helps to analyse the risk. The damage risk depends on the type of protection. Monitoring Functions Configuration Configuration - The configuration of the controller is used to adapt the drive to your applications.

Please observe that the radio interference suppression measures already mentioned must be taken in addition. Two examples explain the use of the tables. Adjustment It is absolutely necessary to adapt C to the asynchronous motor used.

Lenze 8200 vector series Manual

Analog plug-in module Note! These serve to detect the motor temperature and integrate it into the drive monitoring. Lenze convection coolers dissipate approx.

Automatic lowering of the chopper frequency is not possible. The cable from the motor filter to the motor is subject to the same rules as for the motor cable.

Lenze 8200 Manual

The controller is ready for operation after approx. Do not bend any components and do not change any insulation distances during transport or handling.

Observe the assembly depth and the space required for connection cables. Thus, the torque performance of the inverter drive can be optimised. Observe national standards, temperatures and other conditions. Sell your excess, underutilized, and idle used equipment.

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Provide enough free space for the dismantling of the controller. Adjustment In general, an adjustment is not necessary. Set the setpoint using - If the controller is enabled, the changed setpoint has a direct effect on the drive. The application does not only require remote control from a central operating panel but also setting possibilities at site. This function is not available.

Time during which the controller is enabled. Do not touch any electronic components and contacts. Further settings are not necessary. The product-specific safety and application notes in these Instructions must also be observed! Relay Output For switching the mains potentials wiring with unshielded cables is sufficient.


Lenze does not take responsibility for the suitability of the process and circuit proposals. Conditions For Trouble-free Network Operation - Adapt the thresholds of brake units and input and feedback modules. Thermal Performance Of The System - This portion of the thermal energy depends, among others, on the type of cooling unit and assembly. It is however possible to overcome the protection against polarity reversal by applying great force.

Erection The devices must be erected and cooled according to the During operation, drive controllers may have, according to their regulations of the corresponding documentation. You can switch from one parameter set to the other during operation. Do not use as a strain relief! Experienced engineers and technicians on staff.

You need an assembly frame with seal see Accessories. Connect the shield on both sides to the mounting plate with a large contact surface. Control-cabinet assembly of Lenze convection coolers The fixing screws are included in the delivery package of the convection cooler. Ensure proper handling and avoid mechanical stress.