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Lakshya psc coaching centre always welcomes everyone to join us for a bright future. This will help the students to know about the type of questions and exam syllabus. The mosquito which transmits yellow fever is A.

Acute radiation syndrome D. One thousand population C. The process of restriction of movement of persons who come in contact of diseased person is called as A. Which fort in Karnataka is famous by the legend of Onake Obavva? The capital of Andhra Pradesh A.


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The best method of refuse disposal is A. The students studies first hand objects and materials in their natural environment is known as A. Hemorrhage Correct Answer.

Roopa Bhadratha Vaadam was related to A. Which river enters India through Shipki La from Tibet? Health assistant female may cover A. No specify correct number. Three gram of fat gives A.

You have entered an incorrect email address! Globe thermometer Correct Answer. Care giver of the community C. In which year Deena Bandhu was started?

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Harpendens calipers is used to measure A. Alladi Krishnaswami Ayer D. The first test tube baby in India delivered at which hospital?

Trachoma control programme was merged with the national programme for the control of blindness in A. All the classes are conducted by the expert faculty in the field.

The albumin of the egg begins to coagulate at A. The leader of Yachana Yathra A.

The main source of lead, zinc ores in India, the Zawar mines are located in which state? Iodine deficiency Correct Answer. When did the magazine Muslim Published? The bacteria grows in the baby intestine and prevent harmful bacteria such as E-coli from growing and causing diarrhea the bacteria called A. Paalakkunnathu Abraham Malpan Correct Answer.

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The right to healthy eye B. By whom was Abraham Lincoln assassinated? These are most repeated questions.

Kerala psc special

Kuttimalu Amma Correct Answer. Who were the decedents of original inhabitants of India? The polio vaccine should be preserved at A. Daily Test Papers We arrange test papers daily, how to do booklet printing pdf to improve the knowledge of our students. Kodungallur Kunjukkuttan Thampuran C.

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Deen dayal upadhyaya grameen kaushalya yojana. Anecdotal record Correct Answer.

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Classes are handled by the best faculty in Kerala. University Assistant previous year question paper Facts about Kerala with notes. The best faculty in Kerala conducts online coaching classes in easy way which is proved to be very useful to any candidate. International Red Cross Society is founded by A.

Done at the end Correct Answer. Thus our students can face exams boldly.

Kumaranasan Correct Answer. So we will discuss previous question papers in our classes. Username or Email Address. Free seminar on University Assistant will be conducted second Saturday of every month.

From several years, Lakshya Publications turns as best psc coaching in trivandrum. Continuous test papers make them to stick with the questions and answers. Mantoux tuberculin test was developed in A.