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Click here for mastercam-graphic. Includes exercises to create a Single Contour toolpath, a Multiple Contour toolpath, and others. They should be stored in a folder with the tutorial or in a location that you prefer. Introduces the workflow, features, and benefits of Mastercam Mill-Turn. Toolpaths for contour of letters and contour hole.

If not, click the drop-down arrow and select it from the tool library list. To check the machining process for Surfcam Velocity Select the. Surfware headquarters in Thousand Oaks, California. Learn about chain selection and dynamic toolpath parameters.

Setting Up Stock In this exercise, you define the stock model from which your part is cut. Mastercam offers a variety of toolpath types that let you quickly build toolpaths for specific applications. In Mastercam, you select a machine definition before creating any toolpaths. By beginning with drilling, you can then use the holes to fixture the part on the machine tool.

The Tool Selection dialog box opens. The cyan lines are feed motion and the yellow lines are rapid motion. Erva-de-passarinho - Struthanthus flexicaulis.

Cudacountry Radial Toolpaths. Also, most dialog boxes and ribbon bars feature a Help button that opens Mastercam Help directly to related information. You're using an out-of-date version of Internet Explorer. Start with Block for Boat chapter. The drill tip compensation tells Mastercam how far to drill past the final depth to break through the stock.

Stock models help you visualize your toolpaths more realistically. The machine definition is a model of your machine tool's capabilities and features and acts like a template for setting up machining jobs. You access these toolpaths, such as the mill toolpaths shown here, through the Toolpaths menu. They include job setup information for toolpaths, such as tool numbering, stock models, material selection, and toolpath defaults and libraries.

Cudacountry Mastercam Tutorials

MASTERCAM X4-X9 LATHE Tutorial-1 Rectangular Cutting on Vimeo

Another good one for beginners. Advanced Machining mastercam lathe tutorial to make parts accurately and quickly. Choose them in a clockwise order from top left to bottom left as shown in the numbered sequence below. Teaches how to create Lathe custom tools. Draw side view geometry and extrude.

Information might have been changed or added since this document was published. The next section includes instructions for setting Mastercam to metric. Mastercam Machine Simulation Provides an overview of workflow and benefits of Mastercam machine simulation. It walks you through how and when to use the new Tool Manager. Use as a pattern for sheet metal motor mounts in Sumo cars and Motor boats.

This tutorial does not go into any depth on machine and control definitions. The Drill Point Selection dialog box opens. This will make it easier to select the drill holes. Famous Software ftp download F.

Provides an introduction to Mastercam Wire workflow and best practices. Mastercam brings you back to the graphics window to select the two opposite stock corners. Experienced and dedicated operators that get mastercam lathe tutorial job done right. The tutorial also covers toolpaths that support the Y-axis rotation and examples on how to use the Mill toolpaths on a Lathe with Live Tooling.

Introduces the concepts of multiaxis machining, from machine architecture through toolpath creation. The stock displays as dashed red lines around the part. Hold on tight to your copy of Access For Dummies and leap into. The latest version of this document is installed with Mastercam or can be obtained from your local Reseller.

The Mastercam tutorial series is in continual development, guide to real estate investing rich dad pdf and we will add modules as we complete them. Simplified- use grid to measure. Includes sample metric parts.

Mastercam Lathe Training Tutorial (PDF) - Training Tutorials (Imperial)

Machine groups are created automatically and displayed in the Toolpaths Manager when you select a machine from the Machine Type menu. Mastercam Introduction to Multiaxis Toolpaths Introduces the concepts of multiaxis machining, from machine architecture through toolpath creation.

Tutorials in other series may require higher level licenses. Remember me on this computer.

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Notice that this page is off by default. Drilling Four Holes In this exercise, you create a drill toolpath that drills all four holes of the part. Registration Instructions. If you want to broaden your outlook, you just need to be aware of useful information. Although the relationship between streptococcal bac- teremia and colorectal.

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Parts that have previously been saved with a machine definition automatically load the associated machine definition. Drilling Speeds and Feeds. Our mission is to have the users achieve their goals by providing outstanding support and knowledge on the latest machining strategies. The Stock Setup tab displays again with X and Y coordinate values from the selected corners. However, the Help and other documentation installed with Mastercam provide comprehensive information regarding these Mastercam features.

Notice that the Toolpath Type page in the Tree View area now has a green check beside it, indicating that you made a change on that page. Explore the Multiaxis interface while creating basic Curve and Drill Multiaxis toolpaths. Surfcam Instructions Open Surfcam from the desktop on the laptop computer. Air prop for airplanes and mag-lev vehicle. Includes problem solving collaboration tools.

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MASTERCAM X4-X9 LATHE Tutorial-1 Rectangular Cutting on Vimeo

Create geometry and loft surfaces, then surfaces to solid. The examples are based on cabinet and mold base projects. Entering a negative value results in the drill retracting before the desired depth is reached. Add all the parts to your solid hull chapter. You may need to center the part in the graphics window to see it.

Mastercam Lathe Training Tutorial (PDF) - Training Tutorials (Imperial)

It updates automatically as you make changes in the pages, and is always visible. After you create a toolpath, you can use Mastercam's backplot feature to preview its operation on the screen.

The Page area changes to list cut parameters for the toolpath. Use Along to draw arc for curved surface. Complete with airfoil from foam food tray, landing gear and propeller.