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The authority of a functional manager flows vertically downwards, and the influence of the project manager flows sideways. Some resources are needed only for a short duration. Organizations must communicate their vision, objective, and goal with their employees. There might be competition to use the resources if any resource is scarce, which may cause hostility within the workplace and could affect the operation.

It is also possible that the employee may ignore either his functional responsibilities or project management responsibilities if overtaxed. You can take example of Apple.

There are many reasons why the matrix will not work, but failure to lay the groundwork and fully prepare the organization is the principle reason for failure. There is no certain way to assure that there is a balance of power, and it is probably seldom really achieved. This will help avoid confusion and conflict. Big organization involved in project and production can be an example of balanced matrix such as apple or google. The project manager will have authority over the administrative part of the project, such as what to do, follow-up on the schedule, evaluate the performance, etc.

It is not just a question of balance of power, but does the project manager have sufficient clout to be effective? For instance, the line or discipline manager is usually perceived as the real boss by the employees in a matrix organization. He will have a part-time role, and no administrative staff will report to him. At the heart of the operation of the matrix is the balance of power. The matrix developed as a natural evolution of organizational structures in answer to a very definite real-world need.

The various managers must be communicating with each other on at least a daily basis, and usually more often. Which structure will you suggest? The following paper is a representative chapter from the book. In other words a project organization is superimposed on the conventional functional hierarchical organization.

This may mean a considerable change in the way they determine their priorities. Functional management must modify much of their managerial thinking and their usual operational procedures and activities in order to make the matrix work. The overpowering manager may win the local skirmish, but usually manages sooner or later to alienate everyone working on the project.

Matrix organisation pdf

However, the matrix will not work without it. In a matrix organization, they both hold power, and this power-sharing change according to the type of matrix structure of the organization. In fact, not usually so, at least in a matrix organization. This structure has a lot of the characteristics of a projectized organization.

The multiple management interfaces. Do I understand correctly? They should adopt the functional organization structure instead. As the authors admit, this is an unlikely occurrence, and the more explicit the organizational agreements are the less likely it is to occur. What Is A Matrix Organization?

Matrix organisation pdf

The matrix does not require that all business decisions be hammered out in group meetings. The balance of power in a strong matrix. What structure do you think a project manager with a strong desire for autonomy would favour? This is a mixture of all types of organization structures.

Matrix organisation pdf

This process results in potential conflicts being confronted early, before specific problems arise. These are always busy with many projects and production process.

The matrix has permitted project management to be effective not only for very large projects but small projects as well, and has been extremely valuable for solving multidisciplinary problems. However, if any organization is working in a stagnant environment, producing standard products with customers rarely changing requirements, the matrix structure is not well suited for them. It may happen in matrix organization if roles and job responsibilities are not clear. It also notes the differences between the strong matrix and the weak matrix, describing the three factors that can affect the balance of power.

Matrix organisation pdf

Very strong top-management support for the project manager is necessary to get the matrix to work, automatic head changer in cnc machines pdf and even very strong support will not guarantee project success. Can you clarify how it is different from other matrix organisations. How does project human resource management relate to matrix organisation structure. In what kind of organisation and situation would You expect matrix organisation to be apply. It was very rapidly realized that this alternative was not only very unwieldly but had many disadvantages with respect to efficient functional operations.

The matrix structure provides a good environment for professionals to learn and grow their careers. The matrix organization structure can be classified into three categories, mainly depending on the level of power of the project manager.


This combination may help organizations achieve higher efficiency, readiness, and quick market adaptation. After examining the disadvantages and problems of working in a matrix organization, one may view the problems as insurmountable. Can we have one diagram of matrix organization structure? Organizations have to pay extra to keep resources because not all resources will be occupied at all times.

What is a Matrix Organization Structure

Roles and responsibilities must be documented and communicated to all employees to avoid confusion. In balanced matrix organizations, power and authority are distributed between the functional managers and the project managers.

Groupitis refers to confusing matrix behavior with group decision making. Some employees usually work under more than one boss usually two in a matrix structure.

The matrix organization

It may be a considerable shock to functional management to find that their priorities must change, and that the project comes first. It depends on the organization culture, the project may involve team members for decision making or takes the decision on his own. By Fister Gale, Sarah Like any organization in a legacy industry, insurance companies have to meet digital disruption head-on to stay competitive. Employees can broaden their skills and knowledge areas by participating in different kinds of projects.

As previously indicated, the matrix meets a number of well-defined needs. The project manager must get the job done by every means at his disposal even though he may not be perceived as the real boss. The matrix structure is a composite of the projectized organization structure and the functional organization structure. They have many projects running all the time and they also have support, production, finance and admin departments as well. Among these alternatives are various forms of the matrix.

The matrix falls in the middle of the continuum, and can range from very weak to very strong depending on the relative balance of power. It is difficult to give you a specific name but mostly big organizations are matrix organizations. If so let me know and I can send you a resume. Teamwork and problem solving must be emphasized rather than role definition. The matrix structure offers organizations an effective system for managing projects.