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Pakistani society is still in good shape and let it remains as it is. For Free legal opinion and consultation, please get in touch. Many people have self translated with no problem. Dont put yourself into months of wait later.

Sir my question is that, Can we modify our issued marriage certificate or not? Clearly, divorce by a woman is a right has been given to us by law.

He included the statement indicating he knew both languages and where he lived. Facing difficulty in Passport renewal? The NikkahNama marriage certificate kind has four copies dully crammed by marriage registrar Nikah Khawan. In that context this is a pretty informative article. There were instances when she was able to retain her Mehr and gifts in form of jewellery as well.

Marriage Certificate is required in most cases for visa purposes and is imperative for changing maiden name etc. Can anyone confirm with me if I can do this for my nikkah nama and if there will be any issue regarding this? So if you want to get the form while sitting at your home then simple click on the given below link so that it can be downloaded to your computer and you can then easily print it out. If practical issues on which many marriages come under strain are put in the Nikah then more people would be happier. Why do women have to ask for divorce rights to be included in nikah naama, why aren't they automatically included?

The marriage certificate is apply for a number of reason that depends upon the consideration of the applicants. If we're talking about equal rights, why don't males get mehr. In fact, it should be a crime for the Nikahkhwan not to fill in all the clauses and conditions mentioned. In our society, people do question the intentions of a woman if she raises such issues.

This Nikah Nama Form Sample paper contains cross on the persons data so that the data of this person could not be misuse in any other activity by any other person. In case you have misplaced your NikkahNama, or you need to get a duplicate copy of nikkah nama, you can get it from the concerned Union Council Office. No more payments either way for a marriage. Khizer Thank you very much for helping me in issuance and attestation of my documents for job employment.

Nadra Marriage Certificate Procedure Form Download and Sample

But a khula is conditional and not the same thing as a right to divorce your husband. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Women should have the same rights as men do.

Match them with your official documents. Marriage contracts are rightfully and constitutionally based on the teachings of Islam.

NADRA Computerised Nikah Nama

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It describes the rights and obligations agreed upon by both parties Bride and Groom. That being said, marriage is a term loosely used and has more cultural or celestial connotations than legal ones. There is also a judgement of high court setting precedents that even in instances of Khula, a woman is entitled to the gifts she received from her husband. In your Article you say it should be witnessed by a Muslim Person. Leases, checks, credit card receipts, documents, you name it.

Marriage Certificate is an official record that two people have undertaken a marriage ceremony. And if the husband has contracted a second marriage without going through the formalities, it's a criminal offense and is punishable by jail time as well as a fine. It is the responsibility of Scholars and law makers to review if necessary to address the issues created by the new living standards and living style. The target audience is people who haven't been married before. Generally, Nikkah nama is available in both urdu as well as in english.

My advice to other women in similar situations? It is wholly and solely the wife's right.

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However it is not encouraged. Arrived for first meeting in-person! Surely a Witness does not have to be of a particular religion.

Nadra Marriage Certificate Procedure Form Download and Sample

They are affordable and trustworthy as well. With such articles as their education, who needs to focus on maintaining and building relationships. This takes nothing away from the man who has the right to refuse for example if he does not want a working woman as a wife. For Online Nikah marriage registration submit Marriage Form or contact by phone or email for a price quote. Anyhow, on these legal provisions, families in particular need to be educated on how they can formalize nikah in a more consensual manner.

Educate yourself, educate your family, raise them right and one won't hopefully end up in crisis. Haq Mehr becomes extremely important if you are not a working woman.

Those who are unable to visit or travel to Pakistan for this purpose can apply online to get their marriage. The poll assumes that the person reading this is already married. Those people who are unable to travel to or jaunt country come back to country for this purpose can apply online to urge their wedding. No woman in her sane mind would leave the marriage just because she has the right to do so. If a man is allowed to keep a second wife why not allow a women to have second husband.

Nikah Nama is a document fully supported and drafted by the prominent religious scholars. The Maulvies will follow the contract as is. It allows the husband and wife to put any conditions they deem necessary for a framework of a successful marriage so it's baffling to me that this section is more often than not left blank. This reminds me of a very pertinent reminder of one of my former employers. If you are not prepared for it, you should better stay single and it is lot better than expecting a fairy tale marriage and getting something completely opposite.

If anyone has successful experience or any guidance about this and can help, it would be greatly appreciated. So in a nut shell what is written here is correct but very very difficult to implement. You can ask for correction if there is any typo mistake by the issuing office.

If you need NikahNama for any proceeding it can be translated in English, Arabic, Hindi, Bangla, Afghan, German, but it must be attested from an authorized officer. The original NikahNama or marriage certificate is in Urdu. Any Pakistan applicants had their Nikahnama made in English? As we are the pioneer in marriage documentation in Pakistan, aspx to pdf mac we know how to prepare the case. This certificate is an official record of Marriage between two persons and in Pakistan it is very necessary that to change the name when married.

Their case is going to go into arbitration and the court will look at every word, every comma and determine your fate. Be smarter than I was and lawyer up. Hi everybody, I hired this firm for marriage certificate required documents, and the way they help me is just fantastic. It is also no mystery that the laws in such cases are pro-men, however the solution to that is not to make them pro-female, instead they should be gender neutral.