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With its long and storied history Colt conjures up a plethora of images at the mention of the name. The Old and New Models are made in. This last item is in fact the same as on the original except that the pin or rivet would not be visible. Calibers, at least thirty in all, ranged from.

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Revolvers can be had in traditional blue with color case hardened frame, nickel plated steel, stainless steel, and a low sheen powder coat finish. The only other real difference on the right-hand side is there is only one pin instead of two between the cylinder and the trigger. Ground or modified in the critical hook area see photos The checkering looks messed with on some or all of them. Are these guns mere paperweights? Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.

Long Colt Single-Action Revolver

The Single Action Army uses. Original Vintage s Colt Single Action. This book offers the Colt single action owner detailed pertinent information on the operation and servicing of this famous and historic handgun. Your satisfaction is guaranteed!

Colt died in of complications of gout. Best of luck and have a great week! The grips, although plastic, have a lacquered walnut appearance and in my opinion look very good indeed. New and old model ejector rods.

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Wyatt Earp biographer Stuart N. This model is available in. Sales tax applies to total item price including shipping.

This hammer looks possibly usable the way it is. Just place your items in the cart and Ebay will calculate your discounted shipping fees. The Magnificent Seven Ride.

The Uberti Revolver Carbine is quite manageable to shoulder and operate with one hand just like a revolver with a shoulder stock. For the Bisley click here. It is sometimes referred to as the Colt. The hammer shows faint case-hardening. It was Ainsworth who inspected the Colts used by Col.

If you buy more than one item, please wait for my invoice before paying, as I will combine shipping. Any questions, email or call me. The targets presented below are the best of those shot.

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  • Original Colt brand, marked inside each grip.
  • Similarly, the backstrap exhibits a soft metallic brown colour.
  • Picture courtesy truewestmagazine.

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For the Buntline and Revolver Carbine click here. Colt Single Action Army bolt and trigger screw. The manual covers safe usage, technical data, operation and basic maintenance. Make no mistake, I am not advocating that we all give up our semi-autos and replace them with the old guns.

A Look Back at the Colt Single Action Army
Using a Single-Action Revolver for Self Defense
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  2. Also the whole area is polished.
  3. Considering the majority of Bisleys were made in.
  4. Colt Frontier Six-Shooter was the actual name of the Colt pistol model, and this was acid-etched on the left side of the barrel.
  5. It is on that voyage that the year-old seaman carved a wooden prototype of a pepperbox revolver.
  6. The two to the right are still showing some case hardening and their checkering is the best.

Appear to be hand made replacement. Please look at the pictures provided as they tell the story better than any words possibly could. The Bisley model is a replica of the Colt Bisley that earned itself a good reputation and popularity with Victorian era target shooters. This was how they were originally advised to be carried as there was no drop-safety fitted in the late nineteenth century.

The Cattleman Nickel comes chambered in. The Schofield was soon retired and sold to the civilian market. Later Colt editions are more common, and various copies and near-copies of the revolver are made by Uberti of Italy. Wilson recognized the need and the opportunity.

Grips are faux mother of pearl. Second-generation guns had some smaller improvements in manufacturing but are nearly identical to the first-generation guns. Complete Book Of Combat Handgunning.

Email Address never made public. The Single Action Army action is a refinement of the earlier Colt percussion revolvers and the Colt cartridge revolver. This new cartridge featured an inside-lubricated bullet that would not pick up dirt and grit in the field. Please bid with confidence. Army and, therefore, for any peace officer or civilian who could afford one.

This is the target sight equipped model. Principal Sub-inspector in at the Springfield Armory. Drawn slightly to the rear, marl partnersuche the hammer engages the safety notch of the sear and holds the firing pin out of direct contact with a chambered cartridge.

The original length of the barrel, issued to the U. Colt was reportedly more concerned with marketing its revolvers than improving them. Being sold as-is, so please ask any questions before bidding. Please contact me before bidding if you have any questions. Please review the pictures and ask any ques tions before bidding.

A Look Back at the Colt Single Action Army

Does show some wear and rough corners as shown in the pictures. It has been a long wait for a replica of the iconic Colt Single Action Army revolver which not only looks right but is also a capable shooter. Edward Mounier Boxer, a British artillery officer. Or I know some will weld up the hammer-hook area and re-cut the notches.


This causes the empty chamber to be under the hammer. Here are a few ways to make this revolver a bit more efficient as a self-defense pistol. This updated edition provides the home gunsmith with all the info needed for the operation, repair, and rework of the Colt Peacemaker. William Mason and Charles Brinckerhoff Richards.

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The front sight consisted of a base with an interchangeable blade. The Winchester was chambered in an equally new center-fire cartridge developed by Winchester, the. Relative to period cartridges and most later handgun rounds, it was quite powerful in its full loading. The Bisley may mark a movement to a more civilized West. Happily Lawrence was able to resolve the situation before his attacker could figure the gun out.


Bring Me the Head of Alfredo Garcia. And ask early so I have time to respond. Shows scratches from cylinder turning.

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