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Never neglect chain maintenance and always have chains installed by an authorised Triumph dealer. Triumph tiger explorer motorcycle owner's handbook pages. In the event of a fault, child tax credit worksheet 2012 pdf contact an authorised Triumph dealer as soon as possible to have the fault checked and rectified.

Tampering With Noise Control System Prohibited Operations covered in this manual do not always include than genuine Triumph parts are fitted. Page Fuel pump connection Fuel pump plate outlet Attach exhaust extraction hoses to the silencer.


Removal Do not tighten the fixing at this stage. When riding the motorcycle, both rider and passenger must always wear a Always turn off the engine when refuelling. Always A dangerous riding condition leading to an accident wear eye, hand and face protection when using could result if this warning is ignored. Observe the fuel handling general information section.

This note symbol indicates points. Coolant Change Coolant Change fins, cause leaks and impair the radiator's efficiency. As the tyre tread wears down, the tyre High-speed operation should only then be becomes more susceptible to punctures.

Installation Front Suspension Lubricate the u pper bearing using multi-purpose Installation grease. Never attempt to disassemble the rear suspension unit or remote reservoir. It may be offered separately to allow the original to be replaced.

Care must be taken when removing the forks, to ensure that the outer surfaces do not become scratched. Always store this owner's handbook with the motorcycle and refer to it for information. Be sure that the cable connections are clean. Contact with skin or eyes may cause severe burns. Installation Front Suspension Slacken the top yoke clamp bolts.

Contact with hot oil may cause the skin to be scalded or burned. Inspection Cooling Inspection Installation Check the radiator for stone damage. Collect the nuts from the inside of the cockpit.

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Do not allow the wheel to rest on the bra ke disc, as this may damage the disc. The separate ring binder is if you need to replace it for some reason. Turn Triumph, is pre-mixed and requires no the ignition switch off. After adjusting the lever, operate the motorcycle in an area free from traffic to gain familiarity with the new lever setting. Align the balancer gears and crankshaft gear must be located directly above the as shown in the illustration below.

Triumph Tiger 800 User Manual


Cover with a preserved for many years. Never use mineral based grease such as lithium or copper based grease in any area where contact with the braking system hydraulic seals and dust seals is possible. If necessary, top up the system through the filler and refit the pressure cap. It looks like it has been taken down. The oil may be hot to the touch.

Triumph tiger motorcycles owner's handbook pages. Triumph Tiger Owner's Handbook Manual pages. The manual comes in the ring binder.

Operating the motorcycle with a handlebar position that is unfamiliar may lead to loss of control or an accident. Originally Posted by Bad Juju.

The low oil pressure warning light switch is located in the upper crankcase, behind the cylinder head. Ensure the inner race of the bearing is supported when installing the bea ring. Collect the two selector forks as they are released by the selector fork shaft.

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All information contained in this publication is based on the latest product information available at the time of publication. Align the silencer mounting bracket to the rear frame bracket. This wil l help prevent it from To prevent injury, never place fingers or hands inside falling and causing injury to the operator or damage to the caliper opening when removing the piston. Before working on or near the exhaust system, allow sufficient time for the exhaust system to cool as touching any part of a hot exhaust system could cause burn injuries. Before starti ng work, ensure the motorcycle is stabil ised Withd raw the wheel and collect the fla nged spacer and adequately supported.

This will help prevent it from and adequately supported. No liability can be accepted for any inaccuracies or omissions in this publication, although every possible care has been. Before starting work, ensure the motorcycle is stabilised and adequately supported. Need to top up oil and charge battery. Changes can be due to wear in the mechanism, which could lead to a sticking throttle.

Fit a new upper d ust seal and bearing cover, and retain with the adjuster nut. Locate the handlebar assembly in the lower halves of the clamps. This will help prevent it from falling and causing injury to the operator or damage to falling and causing injury to the operator or damage to the motorcycle. Headlight Bulb Replacement Use a genuine Triumph supplied headlight Disconnect the multi-plug from the bulb.

Check that the bala ncer a n d cran kshaft are correctly crankcase aligned before continuing to assemble the crankcase halves. Only an authorised carry out the scheduled maintenance of Triumph dealer will have this knowledge this motorcycle.

If the indicator light remains on it indicates that the immobiliser has a malfunction that requires investigation. Removal Before starting work, ensure the motorcycle is stabilised and adequately supported.

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