Twelfth Night As A Romantic Comedy Pdf

Love also dominates the hearts of Sir Andrew and Malvolio. The scene is made dramatic in various ways. Further Things to Think About Here are some questions to consider that go along with this theme.

Malvolio's character is deceived by forged handwriting, disguise, word play and self deception. Viola quickly discovers her love for him and this love is the purest of all throughout the play. The three characters involved in the triangle are Orsino, Viola and Olivia. Viola, disguised as Cesario, gets a job as a servant for Orsino.

Of course Orsino relates to Viola and not Cesario without really knowing it. Olivia seems more concerned about her sorrow and self-pity rather than to go out and find her true love.

How about receiving a customized one? Although all three of these characters claim to be in love only Viola is actually in love.

Twelfth night as a romantic comedy pdf

Another crucial theme to consider when looking at comedy in Twelfth Night is the ways that love can make people suffer. Here the unity of place has only been observed. Thus the Duke is love-sick. All of the dialogue used in this plot is in normal prose. Shakespeare ridicules the most hated character in the play in Malvolio.

How does Shakespeare create and use comedy in the play Twelfth Night Essay

Viola falls in love with the Duke immediately. Why do we laugh about this? The main plot, where Viola is mistaken for a man and Olivia marries a man she has never even met before in Sebastian, and the comic sub-plot where Malvolio pretends to be somebody that he is not. This amuses the audience because it is natural for somebody to laugh when someone is ridiculed.

Twelfth Night as a romantic comedy

What makes us laugh about this sort of humiliation? The deception devices used are mistaken identity, cross dressing, disguise, forged handwriting, self deception, word play and dramatic irony.

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Twelfth Night is one of the finest comedies of the author. In Twelfth Night William Shakespeare uses many forms of deception on Malvolio and the other characters for humour purposes. Historical Background of Twelfth Night.

Twelfth Night as a romantic comedy.

Shakespeare shows that Orsino is contradicting himself here. Malvolio enters the room next after Olivia had sent him to the gate to try and get rid of Viola. Also, all the people who pretend to be somebody else find themselves in strange situations and are ridiculed throughout the play.

Twelfth Night is a romantic play. We know that the setting of a Shakespearean comedy is romantic.

Of all the characters on stage only Viola can match his wits, he even out wits the clever Maria. He claims to want the feelings he is experiencing to go away but I think that Orsino loves every minute of his over-exaggerated love for Olivia.

Twelfth night as a romantic comedy pdf

Orsino is ordering the musicians to use up all the love sick thoughts that are torturing him with the help of their music. This is the reason why Viola is dragged in the middle of this plot. So false are her feelings for her dead brother are that as soon as Viola, disguised as Cesario, steps onto the scene all her sorrow is forgotten and she is swept away with a new emotion, love. It is not directed and run with argument.

In this play Sebastian and Viola are separated from each other for a ship-wreck. She also can mix with both the upper and lower class characters in the play, just like Feste the clown. It makes the play romantic. In this way, the treatment of this theme makes the play even more romantic.

Like As you Like It, this play bears these romantic elements. They have made the drama romantic. This love is romantic, intense and passionate. It is a form of comedy which deals with love. The play uses many concepts of comedy and there are two main plots in the play, telecommunication in india pdf the main love plot and a comic sub-plot.

The trick brings out a side of him that otherwise would have remained hidden, his extreme ambition to marry Olivia. We know that a romantic comedy is a play in which the romantic elements are mingled with comic elements. The tragic and the comic scenes are also mingled. Viola is the only character in the play who is not ridiculed. It is this reputation that Sir Toby and the clever Maria do not like and so therefore decide to play a cruel trick on him.

Passionate love expressed in poetical language. Olivia is a similar character to Orsino in many ways.

The poor people in the audience will find it amusing that the rich people on stage are getting ridiculed, whereas the rich members of the audience will find the more intellectual side of the amusing. The romantic main plot was probably done in versus to show the importance of the characters involved. More to Think About Here are some questions to think about as you consider this theme. Shakespeare uses Viola as the linking person in the love triangle.