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That's basically about as far as I'm prepared to go with this, you need to go and look at what I've written and compare it with your own program. The problem comes when the user enters non-ascii characters in their name or address e. Your email address will not be published. The file pointer has moved on to the byte after the binary data, and the interpreter resumes token scanning at that point. When a customer buys the software, we just take their email address so we can send them the license payment is handled by a third party.

How to convert Type 3 font to Type 1 font in PDF

This set the font world on an interesting course. On the blog our team post anything interesting they learn about. So you need to create a data source for your binary data. To recover the original information, you have to infer information about the glyphs, their placements and their font geometry. Since it is a standard operator, we find it in systemdict and execute it.

If you want to create a PostScript representation then you are going to have to write some PostScript. You can put the data in a string, or just read it from currentfile. But this is so much unspecified work that I think it does not count as an answer.

Should Type 3 Font support be dropped from the PDF Specification

If you had got past that then you would have discovered that the filter operator takes a data source as well and you haven't supplied one for that either. Up to you how you do that but currentfile is one way. For figures only the tikz and listings packages are used no graphicx package is used, i. Then I thought about your suggestion of embedding a image for each multibyte character as I have the bitmap data anyway.

Any body can help how I take the image streams form pdf to postscript. Is there some special effect you are trying to achieve? Notify me of new posts by email. You also might find as in my case that the xfig image was generated some years ago that was to go into the paper, and that it now doesn't even open in newer versions of xfig giving a sigsegv fault.

Type 3 fonts on Macintosh running System 9 or earlier

This either results in an executable token, which is executed, or an operation on one of the stacks. Below you find an overview of the differences between both technologies. There are of course other ways to achieve the same aim. How do we grade questions? Obviously you'll have to fill in yourself by knowing the string length.

The technology is explained in several places, e. That file object then becomes the value associated with the DataSource key in the image dictionary which is passed to the imagemask operator. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

If the contained pdfs don't create the issue, then it is most likely an include such as blackboard fonts that is causing the problem inside the source latex file. That isn't a standard token so the interpreter starts looking through the dictionaries on the dictionary stack, landscape symbols pdf looking for a definition.

Please type your message and try again. These fonts are often used with the TeX typesetting system that he also wrote. Looking for pk fonts in the doc. Install the cm-super fonts.

Off the top of my head from desk checking I can't immediately see a problem, but since I can't run the code, I could easily be missing something. This may have been true in general, once, but I doubt that it is true today. You don't need to decompress the data, just use the FlateDecode filter in PostScript and leave the compressed data untouched. That's a numeric so we store that on the operand stack, likewise the other numbers.

Look at the end of the log-file of pdflatex. What could be reasons for this?

Nothing wrong with that, but I'm not going to do all your homework for you, if its your job its up to you to learn the language well enough to do the job. Change every image to pdf if possible replacing eps files by pdf using. You haven't supplied the PostScript file that you are creating.

This did not work for me, but i agree matplotlib figures were the culprit. Email Required, but never shown. You need to be careful about licensing issues, as many commercial fonts don't allow such conversions. Installing the cm-super fonts package seems to be the easy answer to me.

If you are new to PostScript then I doubt I can explain this much further. In this case your only option is to regenerate the image using the above xfig call. The next thing we find is some binary data so we try to execute that as PostScript binary tokens.

Why Such Requirements

This is how the input stream is given in pdf. In case somebody else has insight, he is free to edit my answer and extend it.

Should Type 3 Font support be dropped from the PDF Specification

Why Such RequirementsAvoiding Type 3 fonts in matplotlib plots phyletica

This article is misleading and mixing two different things together. That is, you have a quite distinct problem which is unrelated to this one. First off, most people use pdflatex nowadays. The input file have inline image with data streams flate decode filter applied. But that said, I do appreciate your knowledge and input that you shared.

Font Requirements