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Storage Information

Storage Information

Detailed instructions for each step are included with the kit. Any hard surface, non-porous and that can be submersed in water can be decorated. Spray the part with the appropriate base coat. This will streamline production, save time, and reduce labor costs. Whichever method you use, ensure that the part is completely dry before proceeding.

Depending on these two answers you will need enough space to accommodate fixture, priming and painting, decorating, and top coating. It is the responsibility of the business owner to verify that his company follows all Federal, State and Municipal requirements. What is the maximum temperature a processed part can be exposed to? We will work with you to provide visual assessment samples and move forward with full production. Pebble Kit Read requirements carefully and completely Almost everything you will need to process at the commercial level, excluding a commercial dipping system.

In the typical process, the item is first coated with a primer or an adhesion promoter. Another good rule of thumb is if you can get paint to stick to the object most likely you can decorate it with this process. Liquid Print offers a complete in-house hydrographic training program. Our customers have the ability to request what level of training they desire. Item is submerged into dipping container with the film floating on top of the water.

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Hydrographics Water Transfer Printing Information

You will need to consider many things while setting up your Water Transfer Printing facility. What is Water Transfer Printing? Volume of water is more important than pressure. What are the environmental considerations of Water Transfer Printing? Liquid Print Films Liquid Print provides hydrographic films and activators for manual, henry david thoreau pdf semi-automatic and fully automatic water transfer printing systems.

We can also recommend to you someone that can manufacture a custom-built spray booth. Once the part is completely dry, inspect it for defects that need to be touched up. Mask off areas not to be printed on etc. Your floor plan should accommodate a preparation area, dipping area, spray booth and finishing area. Stone Kit Read requirements carefully and completely The best from the Pebble kit plus more chemicals and film.

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Stone Distinguished marbles and granites for lavish architectural products. Most minor defects like orange peel look, or debris in the finish can be wet sanded and polished out at this stage. What do I need to start a hydrographics business?

Hydrographics Water Transfer Printing Information

The item is then dipped into the water and the ink wraps around it. Included in the kit is a link to a set of video instructions that walk you through all the steps in the process. We also carry specific color mix paint available to purchase for all camouflage films and offer paint chips with film orders. Do I have to spray a decorated part with clear coat?

How much power does a continuous flow machine need? We will be glad to assist you in determining which size and booth meets your production requirements. You must store the film properly to ensure long shelf life and optimal performance.

In addition this is the same process that automotive manufacturers use to print wood grain patterns on plastic interior pieces. What is the minimum area required for setting up a production line? Learn more about our equipment options and schedule a call with one of our consultants to discuss which equipment option will be the right fit for your unique application. We ship our films in vacuum sealed plastic sleeves to ensure the film remains in pristine condition.

We offer a full line of dipping systems from manual, semi manual, shuttle system to fully automated constant flow dipping system. Liquid Print provides hydrographic films and activators for manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic water transfer printing systems.

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Used to protect eyes from chemical splashes when mixing paints, painting and cleaning painting equipment. The container should be of a size that when you lay your desired part to be processed in the center of the container, you should have two to three inches of space between the sides of the container. What size of hydrographic film do you sell?

For instance, if you are using a flat clear coat you would have to sand the defect away and then re-apply the final coat. Once the clear coat has dried you need to inspect it for defects. Finish the item with the spray clear coat.

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Can items that are not correctly decorated be re-dipped? Liquid Print provides the highest caliber of hydrographic systems, comprehensive one on one training and ongoing support. The DeVilbiss high efficiency spray gun perfectly atomizes activator when spraying, making it the recommended gun for Water Transfer Printing. Size of parts to be decorated and amount of parts to be decorated are most important.

You will need to dedicate amps for this piece of equipment. The Liquid Print Equipment. There are a few exceptions to this.

What type of items can be dipped? The container can be made of any desired material such as plastic, glass or metal.

Hydro Dipping

Clear coat is a vital part of the Water Transfer Printing process. This process can be done on any part that can be safely submerged under water. You can wash large parts with a hose, but an automatic Water Transfer Printing wash station will thoroughly wash your parts in a degree fashion. After thoroughly washing by hand or in our automated wash station, all parts must be thoroughly dried. It is extremely resistant to scratches and debris.

The printed film is placed on the surface of the water, and the base begins to dissolve. It all depends on the complexity of the item being processed. Water Transfer Printing Is Built for Business We provide decorating solutions to manufacturing clients and small businesses around the world.

It protects the integrity of your final product, reduces scratching, and ensures firmness and longevity. How can I match the base coat color of a camouflage pattern? Liquid Print offers state of the art conveyor wash tunnels with heated blow off options to stationary wash systems.

The base color is the dominating factor in the image transfer. If you select red or blue then these base colors would give the effect of red or blue. This spray gun is also used for spraying base paints and clear coats in the automotive industry. How much power does a Water Transfer Printing tank need?

These kits require a supporting air compressor and spray booth or open ventilated area. You will need a large enough wire to accommodate a amp breaker at the machine. Contact us for a custom quote. All equipment purchases include free training. We would like you to have all your equipment operating prior to training.