Yamaha Yz250f Manual Pdf

Timing chain tensioner cap bolt Refer to removal section. Pass the carburetor breater hos- es so that they are not pinched between the upper engine bracket and carburetor.

Yamaha YZ250F Manuals


Install the valve into the cylinder head. Now you can print a fresh page as and when you need to. Radiator guard Radiator hose clamp Only loosening. However if you get stuck and need any technical help Im always on hand.

Lock washer Refer to removal section. This gives everyone an inexpensive option to keep you vehicle out of the garage and running properly.

Place a stand or block under the engine to put the rear wheel I. Unfortunately due to the nature of this item we are unable to offer refunds on this item. Enter the code provided, create an account and you are ready to work on your vehicle. Regular Inspection And Adjustments The following schedule is intended as a general guide to maintenance and lubrication. Kick idle gear Kick shaft assembly Refer to removal section.

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Hot starter lever holder Clutch cable Disconnect at the lever side. Place a container under the en- gine. Drive sprocket Refer to removal section. Temporarily tighten the nut wheel axle at this point.

Perform the pre-operation checks on the machine. The shape and part number used for the special tool differ by country, so two types are provided. Check entire ignition system for connection.

Nut rear wheel axle Rear wheel axle Drive chain puller Rear wheel Refer to removal section. Support the machine securely so Installed depth of bear- there is no danger of it falling over. Camshaft cap Refer to removal section. Install the new valve guide using a be reinstalled in their original place.

Yamaha yz250f manual pdf

Yamaha YZF Manual

Yamaha yz250f manual pdf

Install the camshafts exhaust and intake. Crankshaft end accessing screw Refer to removal section. Oil seal Refer to removal section. Using the correct special tool will help prevent damage caused by the use of improper tools or improvised techniques. Clutch cable Pass the brake hose in front of Engine stop switch lead the number plate.

Complete Manual - No Missing Pages! Straighten the lock washer tab. Brake caliper piston dust seal Refer to removal section. Bear in mind that such factors as weather, terrain, geographical location, and individual usage will alter the required maintenance and lubrication intervals.

Main axle Refer to removal section. This manual covers the entire motorcycle. Timing chain tensioner Refer to removal section. Clutch cable Disconnect at engine side.

Oil strainer Crankshaft Refer to removal section. Bearing Refer to removal section. Look over the general layout of the book be- fore finding then required chapter and item. Manual is in English Only. Carburetor overflow hose front end of the hose guide.

Once you have found the information you require, just print it out and start. Disconnect the ignition coil from Conductive while the spark plug.

Brake caliper piston seal Refer to removal section. Apply the specified pressure.

When ordering parts, you can give the number to your Yamaha dealer for positive identification of the model you own. If you are a doubt as to what intervals to follow in maintaining and lubricating your machine, uned pdf consult your Yamaha dealer. This manual contains all the comprehensive information required to handle anything from minor repairs to major overhauls or tear downs of your Yamaha motorcycle. Manual is in English only. Read this manual carefully before operating this vehicle.

Yamaha YZ250F Manuals